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Our thanks to everyone who stopped by our birthday party for Medicare in downtown Asheville, on Saturday morning, July 30th. We had a blast! We handed out goody bags, answered questions, inspired chalk artists and met so many who are concerned about healthcare and wanted to learn about Medicare for All.




Healing Us – Official Trailer 2021
68,000 Americans will die this year due to lack of adequate healthcare. 500,000 families will file for bankruptcy due to medical expenses. These numbers only represent a fraction of the trauma that millions of people experience everyday in the American for-profit healthcare industry. The country is divided and wounded and yet numerous polls have shown that over 70% of Americans support switching to a universal healthcare system. Healing Us




HealthCare For All WNC is an Asheville, NC, group organizing for fundamental health care reform. We advocate a single-payer national health program – improved Medicare for All – that would provide universal coverage, comprehensive benefits, and zero cost sharing.