Join our fight for single payer!

HCFAWNC is gathering signatures to support a resolution for the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act of 2021 HB-1976, which will be presented to the Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners.

113 cities and counties across the US have already passed resolutions supporting Medicare for All.

We feel all Buncombe County residents should have access to quality affordable comprehensive health care regardless of employment.

If you agree, are over the age of 18, and are a county resident outside of Asheville, we invite you to sign our petition:

Or, if you are over the age of 18 and live inside the City of Asheville, we ask you to sign our petition for City residents:

Thank you for joining with HCFAWNC to improve the health of our community.

Taking action against CVS Health

Ever since CVS Health made a $5 million donation to the number one dark-money group fighting Medicare for All, the Nurses’ Campaign to Win Medicare for All has taken every opportunity to hold them accountable.

This past weekend, hundreds of activists and nurses in 27 states took action at CVS locations across the country as part of our National Day of Action to demand that they stop funding anti-Medicare for All efforts. We brought CVS style “receipts” with the names of thousands of activists standing with us.

CVS gave a statement when reached for comment by a reporter last week in response to the pressure, and that’s one way we know our efforts are working.  

Jim Barham, member of Healthcare for All WNC, took action against CVS Health to fight for health care as a human right.

Dr. Bill Hathaway, of HCA Healthcare, discusses the benefits of Medicare For All

Dr. Bill Hathaway, currently Division Chief Medical Officer at North Carolina Division of HCA Healthcare, explains how Mission Hospital would not have been purchased by HCA if Medicare For All had been in effect during an April 2018 public Q&A at Dr Ed Weisbart’s presentation for HealthCare for All WNC.

Sign the petition to stop the privatization of Medicare

The Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) program was quietly launched last year by the Trump Administration as yet another scheme to privatize Medicare. Under this model, CMS could auto-assign more than 30 million beneficiaries who have chosen Traditional Medicare into largely investor-owned Direct Contracting Entities (“DCEs”) without the beneficiaries’ understanding or consent. Like Medicare Advantage, the DCE program poses an existential threat to Traditional Medicare, as well as a future public and nonprofit Medicare-for-All program. 

We can stop the DCE program, but we must act quickly. 

Please sign this petition demanding that HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra immediately halt the DCE program that was started under the Trump Administration, and protect Medicare as a public good for future generations.

Tell Congress: We need Medicare for All

Thanks to your calls and messages, the Medicare for All Act of 2021 was introduced with 112 original co-sponsors, representing more than half the Democratic caucus! In addition to the returning co-sponsors, the bill has earned the endorsement of several brand-new members of Congress, as well as some senior members who signed on for the first time.

What’s in the bill?

Like previous versions of the Medicare for All Act, this year’s bill closely mirrors PNHP’s Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform. It would establish a national health program to cover everybody living in the U.S. for all medically necessary care, including hospitalization and doctor visits; dental, vision, hearing, mental health, and reproductive care, including abortion; long-term care services and supports; ambulatory services; and prescription drugs. Patients could visit the doctor or hospital of their choice, without co-pays or deductibles.

The program would pay independent and small group practice providers on a fee-for-service basis, and fund hospitals and other facilities with yearly global operating budgets, with separate funds for capital improvements. By eliminating the profiteering and waste of commercial insurance, Medicare for All would save $600 billion per year while expanding coverage to all.

What’s next?

The path to Medicare for All is clear. We must educate and organize a national grassroots movement, work closely with allies, and support the efforts of the 100+ chapters of PNHP and SNaHP.

HealthCare For All WNC is an Asheville, NC, group organizing for fundamental health care reform. We advocate a single-payer national health program – improved Medicare for All – that would provide universal coverage, comprehensive benefits, and zero cost sharing.

As citizens inside and outside the health care system, we are a chapter of PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program), a member of NCM4A (North Carolina Medicare For All Coalition), and we support universal health care.