HealthCare For All WNC started in February 2017 as a health care subgroup of Indivisible AVL. It quickly became obvious that the folks who were involved in this local single -payer health care issue were very energetic and motivated. Several of us met with the offices of Rep. Mark Meadows (yes, the Freedom Caucus guy) and Rep. McHenry (another very conservative member of Congress) to present information and have discussions. Others wrote op-ed pieces and letters to the editor of the local newspapers.

In April, a few members attended a workshop organized by the existing PNHP chapter in Charlotte, Health Care Justice – NC. This further galvanized our action and we set out to have a series of symposia to educate the public about health care for all. Indeed, we see education as our main focus of activity, particularly in this locality that has such conservative congressional representation who do not support the concept of universal health care.

The first symposium, “Health Care for All: A Workable Solution,” was held in conjunction with Indivisible AVL at AB Tech community college. Carol Paris, M.D., president of PNHP, and Jessica Schorr Saxe, M.D., leader of the Charlotte PNHP chapter, were the lead presenters. Five other medical professionals voiced the need for a national health plan from a variety of perspectives. Our next public offering was a showing of the movie “Fix-It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.” This documentary highlights the benefits to business from a Canadian style national health plan.

During the summer, we opted to diverge from IndivisibleAVL so we could focus more on universal health care as a non-partisan group. We became a chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) called HealthCare for All WNC. October 2017, we put together a symposium entitled “Health Care for All: A Moral Obligation?” The event was held at First Baptist church in downtown Asheville. We invited several leaders of different faith-based and ethical traditions to present the ways that their history compels them to provide healthcare for all citizens.

HealthCare For All WNC is the place where we can come together to talk about health care reform. This issue affects all of us – rich, poor, all races, all religions, big business, minimum wage earners! We are not affiliated with ANY political party or religious group. We provide speakers, movies, and reference materials to any group or individual seeking information about health care reform.

To join HealthCare For All WNC, fill out our CONTACT FORM. You DO NOT have to join PNHP to join our local branch. However, membership fees to PNHP do help fund our ongoing activities. Check out our EVENTS page for upcoming events and meetings. GET INVOLVED!