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Most Americans Want Medicare for All, Without Private Insurers
Bob Pollin & Michael Lighty hold that Medicare for All does not have into include private insurers like Medicare does today. January 23, 2019

Call these Congressmembers
Can the 116th Congress Transform Our Healthcare System? We Need to Do the Work to Keep Them Focused! Healthcare For All, Y’all Weekly Action, January 17, 2019

‘Path to Winning Is With People Power’:
Medicare for All Leaders Strategize Roadmap to Victory

“We’re going to push the Democrats to do it. There is absolutely, unequivocally no excuse for the Democrats not to support Medicare for All.”
November 14, 2018, by Common Dreams

Western North Carolina Moral Revival for Voting Rights
The future of our democracy, health care, voting rights, living wages, and equal protection under the law are all on the ballot this November. When we vote, we shape our own future instead of leaving it in the hands of those who divide us and deny us our rights. Despite furious attempts to suppress the vote, we shall not be moved. We have a sacred responsibility to vote. Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II
October 26, 2018, Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC

Kyra Moore’s talk on Medicare for All begins at about 25 minutes into the video.

Politicians Hop Aboard ‘Medicare-For-All’ Train, Destination Unknown
By Elisabeth Rosenthal and Shefali Luthra
October 22, 2018, Kaiser Health News

Immigrants Pay More In Private Insurance Premiums Than They Receive In Benefits
Research Article, October 2018, Health Affairs

Get Sick, Go Bankrupt and Die
By Paul Krugman
September 3, 2018, The New York Times

“Vice President Mike Pence, campaigning last week with Leah Vukmir, a Senate candidate in Wisconsin, told reporters that Republicans would repeal Obamacare if they held majorities in Congress in November.” Photo credit: Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, via Associated Press

A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack
By Chad Terhune
August 27, 2018, Kaiser Health News

Why America Needs Medicare for All
It’s the only way to achieve universal, affordable and high-quality health insurance.
By Meagan Day and Bhaskar Sunkara
August 10, 2018, The New York Times

“Senator Bernie Sanders spoke about Medicare for All during a September
health care rally in California.”
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America

Immigrants use little health care, may help subsidize care of non-immigrants: Harvard/Tufts researchers
Press release. Clare Fauke, PNHP communications specialist; J. Wesley Boyd, M.D, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance August 8, 2018, PNHP
New study finds that immigrants pay more money into both private and public health insurance programs than they take out.

Medical Expenditures on and by Immigrant Populations in the United States: A Systematic Review
by PNHP members Lila Flavin, Leah Zallman, Danny McCormick, J. Wesley Boyd
August 8, 2018, International Journal of Health Services
This study demonstrates that demonstrating that immigrants use far less health care than non-immigrants, and may actually subsidize the care of U.S. citizens. “We conclude that insurance and medical care should be made more available to immigrants rather than less so.”

Koch-Funded Study Finds Medicare for All Would Save Money While Covering Everyone
July 30, 2018, Gritpost, real news for the working class

WNC activists head to DC for Poor People’s Campaign
June 21, 2018, News 13 WLOS

“Local advocates, including seven people from the Hendersonville area, are traveling to Washington, D.C. to make the case for single payer health care for all.”
Photo credit: WLOS

New group helps plan Medicare For All rally in Hendersonville
June 1, 2018,, by Rebecca Walter

“People for Healthcare for Everyone organizer Kyra Moore speaks at an educational event earlier this year. The organization hosted its first event in January.” from