Without Medicare for All, the Healthcare System Will Collapse – Wendell Potter RAI


More Die From Medical Insurance ‘Prior Authorization’ Than Before ACA – Wendell Potter



Wendell Potter speaking at Lenoir-Rhyne University, April 10, 2019


The Biggest Lies from New Insurance Industry Ads – Business Initiative Health Policy
Wendell Potter, national health care reform advocate, spoke in Asheville April 10th. Sponsored by Healthcare for All.


Medicare for All Music Video Promo
Good for Rallies, Marches, Barnstorms and Other Events


Welcome to new improved Medicare for All
Source for Information on How Improved Medicare for All works with an
Improved Medicare for All Information Series of Videos
by The Cornwell Group of Health Care Justice North Carolina
Video 1: Explanation of current Medicare
Video 2: Where American healthcare is now
Video 3: Where is all the money going?
Video 4: How do we pay for it?
Video 5: Do we need skin in the game?
Video 6: Will it help Americans be healthier?
Video 7: Would it be disruptive?
Video 8: Would it wreck the economy?

We thank HEALTH CARE JUSTICE NC for the creation and use of these videos to spread the word and help the public understand what Healthcare for All means.

Health Care Conversations with Voters

Michelle Tennant leads the East Flat Rock precinct in Henderson County, North Carolina, September 18, 2018. In this episode of her YouTube playlist, she speaks with Dr. Ellen Kazmarak and Dr. Marsha Fretwell about key points to discuss with voters on the topic of health.


Big Money Agenda – Democracy on the Brink
This documentary explores why Americans are sicker than they should be, poorer than they ought to be, and less safe than they deserve to be. It also explores the effects of money in politics, dark money, the revolving door and offers common sense solutions that will get our democracy back on track.


Conservative Francis Buckley promotes single payer health care
Buckley appeared on the C-SPAN program “Washington Journal” on April 21, 2017 to discuss the advantages of single-payer reform in the U.S. Visit the C-SPAN website to view this program in its entirety.


Fix It: Health Care At The Tipping Point
Business leaders support for major health care reform. For more information, visit


HealthCare For All – “A Workable Solution”
Six health care professionals discuss why we need a national health program in the United States.  70 minutes


HealthCare For All – “A Moral Obligation?”
Five religious leaders discuss how their faiths urge us to provide health care for all.   90 minutes


HealthCare For All WNC members Ellen Kaczmarek and Roger Turner interviewed on Mountain Stream TV in Sylva, NC (watch on youtube)